Importance of coding standards and how to get that?

We write programs to instruct computers. When programming with a high level programming language such as C++ or Java, we are using a syntax that is somewhat closer to human languages. However, we use these applications as inputs to compilers or interpreters to be converted into computer binary format that is comprehensible. Because of this, as far as the app code adheres to the syntax of the programming languages that are used, the compilers and interpreters never bother about the design or visual formatting of the program code However, because human developers, we ourselves need to bother about the aesthetics of the program code.

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A coding standard is a Set of guidelines, regulations and rules about the best way best to write code. Normally a coding standard comprises guide lines on how to name variables, the way to indent the code, the way to place parenthesis and key words etc… The idea is to be consistent in programming so that, in the event of multiple people working on precisely the identical code, it becomes much easier for one to comprehend what others have done. Even for individual developers, and especially for novices, it becomes essential to stick to some standard when writing the code. The idea is, once we examine our own code after some time, if we have followed a coding standard, it requires less time to comprehend or remember what we meant when we wrote some piece of code.

Looking at this code in a glance, it takes time for you to realize this function computes the volume. But if we adhere to a naming convention for variables and method names, we can make the code more readable. It requires more time to Type this code, however this saves a lot more time. This code is a lot more readable than its initial version. With a little bit of work, we can make the code a lot more understandable. It is not only the Readability that we undergo a coding standard in programming. Writing more secure code may also be encouraged through a coding convention. For instance, in C++ we can say that each pointer variable must be initialized to NULL. This ensures that we would not corrupt memory whilst utilizing this pointer variable. Code readability is merely one of the facets of maintainability and gets more details in Coding standards help a whole lot with program maintainability, our ability to modify programs effortlessly. Consistency enforced by way of a coding standard is an integral aspect to be successful in maintaining programs.